GI Sheet Sheds


this sheds are pillar less or super structures, sheds made for heavy vehicle movement area, or fire sensitive material, Use for temporary storage of bulk raw materials and finished goods, heavy Machines

Structure : basic structure is pillar less structures or Super structures made with steel Truss & purlines, it covered with GI colour profile sheets.

• Height : 4 to 8 meters on lower side & 8 to 10 meters in centre
• width : 15 meters to 50 meters
• length : 25 meters to 250 meters

In pillar less structure no intermediate pillars upto 27 Meters, for bigger width sheds 2 intermediate pillars at 13 to 18 meters in horizontal and 5 meters vertically.

Period : Hiring period 6 to 36 months.
Specialty : Steel structure ensures safety, strength and sturdiness, due to prefabricated structure installed done very quickly, erection can be done on any leveled surface, flexible in size, bigger span facilitates easy vehicles movement and better storage.