HDPE Tarpaulin

We deals in High Density Polyethylene Tarpaulins made out of Industrial strength HDPE Woven fabric. Reinforced with lamination of LDPE on both sides.

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Cotton canvas tarpaulins are traditional form of tarpaulins used since many years, made from either chemically treated or Wax treated cotton cloth.

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SILPAULIN Tarpaulins

We are dealers for Silpaulin tarpaulins. Employing Swiss technology, Silpaulin Tarpaulins are fabricated from cross-laminated plastic films in different gauges. A unique ultrasonic welding process facilitates strong joints.

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Tarpaulins are useful for cover raw materials, Finish products and machinery. Used as liner for Truck, Tempo and Railway wagon. Recreational uses at picnics and camps. Use for Green house, poultry curtains, Floor under lays, Canal / pond lining. Multipurpose use at Construction Sites & other Industries for protecting materials from Rain, Sun and Dust.