Monsoon Sheds


Shed's basic structure is made from wooden bullies, roof & side structure made with bamboos & coir ropes, then it covered with waterproof HDPE Tarpaulins, for extra safety black plastic is used on tarpaulins. Now days we have started using M.S truss for huge spans for vehicles or forklift movement where ever required.

For erection work we are having expert supervisors and skilled workers team, they erect sheds as per your specification and exact requirement. Our quality material and experience labours ensures maximum reliability and Solidity to the sheds. We take total responsibility for sheds like Estimate/ budget for shed, plan and diagram for best possible way to utilize available space, transportation of materials to site & erection of the sheds, after expiry of contract dismantling of shed and taking back material. A part from this you will get round-the-clock free service against any leakage or Damage to our sheds.

Various Applications of our Tarpaulin sheds

Warehousing and Storage

Our Sheds gives the ideal solution for additional storage space, whether for industrial warehousing or a temporary warehouse for an emergency situation, or as an extension of your business growth. Our Temporary warehouse structures can be erected on almost any surface without the need of a permanent foundation. They are erected and dismantled quickly and can be configured in any size.

Protection for rain sensitive goods (Monsoon shed)

One Of the most Primary use of our shed is during monsoon when industries require additional storage space to protect the rain sensitive materials lying outside in the open. Our structures use waterproof tarpaulins on roof & for extra safety we use one more layer of plastic sheet to make sheds 100% waterproof.

Storage for Agriculture Produce

Agricultural business is characterized by fluctuation and seasonal production cycle, where production may happen in a certain season where as consumption will be throughout the year. also in cases where there is a bumper production or over supply in a given season and there is a huge storage need for only a given period, in the above cases creating a permanent storage can be costly and might not be fully utilized instead our sheds can provide a quick and economical solution.

Solid Waste Storage

No matter whether you have to store biological soil sanitation or the separation and collection of valuable recycling substances, or any other wastes are there, you can use our sheds for storage.

Storage at Air/Sea/Rail Terminals

Temporary transportation terminal storage/shelter, whether for air, sea or rail can be provided by our temporary tarpaulin sheds. Transportation terminal sheds can be utilized when you want to use additional space to store goods at various terminals.

Worker shelters

Energy companies, Oil companies, large corporation setting up Greenfield projects and EPC contractors recognize the value of having workers on site for critical infrastructure needs. Temporary worker shelters can be set up quickly and provide roofing for even harsh climates.

Temporary construction Sheds/Fabrication workshop

With our Temporary Sheds you can create your own working & storage space for project that you executive at your client premises factory site. Save your time, provide safety & a comfortable working environment for your workers, so that work does not stop and the projects is completed on time even in harsh weather conditions

Emergency and Disaster Relief

When fire, flood or any other find of disaster has struck, you need replacement storage at your premises to keep your business going. While permanent replacement is sought, temporary emergency storage by our tarpaulin sheds keeps your business going on.


Onsite Construction

Advantage of additional storage space at your existing business location are numerous, like no additional transportation cost and overhead cost with regard to security, multiple material handling, maintenance and additional warehouse staff can be kept at a minimum level. Also no permission are required from the central excise department for transporting and storage of goods outside the factory premises.

Fastest Erection

Mahavir Tarpaulins erect shed very quickly, approx 25000/40000 sqfts sheds can be erected with in 2/3 weeks we are having all materials & labour forces available with us every time. However at the same time the reliability and safety of the structure is not compromised at all.

Zero Maintenance

Mahavir Tarpaulins erect sheds with good quality material and requires near zero maintenance. Still any maintenance required we provide it total free of cost during Contract period.

Saves Cost

It is important to note that by hiring a Mahavir Temporary sheds, the total cost is classified as a business expenses, therefore reducing your tax liability for the hire term, which means no capital expenditure on permanent warehouse, no blocking of funds or land

Strong and Durable

Constructed Monsoon Sheds by mahavir Tarpaulins are strong enough to withstand dusty winds, lashing rains and abnormal atmospheric conditions to provide the mandatory solidity and reliability. Even then sheds are of temporary structure, if required it can easily stand for two to three years.

Flexible and can Relocate easily

Shed structure is tailor made and flexible as your requirement, it can be completely relocated easily. Alterations to the length of our structure are possible at any time.

Wide range of structural options

We can make sheds in wide range of structure options and can be constructed in various span width and heights as per client needs. Large span option allows for easy movement of forklifts, trucks and other material handling equipment.